COVID versus Camelid: Do Nanobodies Do a Body Good?

Very occasionally a story emerges that stops us in our tracks and gives us pause for reflection. This year has seen its fair share of those, it must be admitted, because 2020 has – by anyone’s measure – been quite the year. And so it is again that today’s pandemic ponderings revolves around cleanroom COVID-19 research but this time with a puzzling source of potential protection. When animal test subjects and trials come to mind, we tend to picture rodents in the lab, so would it surprise you if we also mentioned somewhat larger pandemic pioneers? Camelidae – the family that includes alpacas, llamas, and of course camels – may be the newest research test subjects to enter the cleanroom. Not literally, of course, but in terms of their antibodies. Have we piqued your curiosity? Read on to find out more…

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