January 2017 - Cleanroom News | Berkshire Corporation

Could Wearable Technology be a Powerful New Tool in Contamination Control?

Working in a cleanroom is one of the most interesting, rewarding, and – let’s admit it – at times frustrating jobs around. As anyone familiar with the environment will attest, the rules around performance are complex and labyrinthine, and … Read More

Tissue Banks & Cleanrooms: The Ultimate Price of Contamination Issues

From the earliest times in human civilization, healers and physicians have dreamed of curing the sick and repairing the injured by transplanting organs or bones. The most common procedure, allogenic skin grafting – the process of transplanting skin from a … Read More


Supplement Mislabeling – More Bang for your Buck or A Clear and Present Danger to Health?

Traditionally, New Years resolutions are more subjective and personal commitments. We dedicate ourselves to losing the ten pounds that crept on over the holidays, quitting junk food, taking up running, or finally kicking nicotine to the curb. In short, … Read More

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