June 2016 - Cleanroom News | Berkshire Corporation

Trouble in the World’s Best Cleanroom?

In the contamination-control industry, we all understand the importance of and difference in ISO classes. These global standards were devised and adopted when the U.S. General Service Administrations standards – then known as FS209E – were no longer adequate in … Read More

IEST 2016 Exceptional Woman Contributor Award Winner

Lynn Stanard, Senior Quality Manager, was a recipient of the 2016 Exceptional Woman Contributor Award by Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology.

The award citation reads:

To Lynn Stanard, for her 25 years of active participation and leadership in IEST … Read More

Free Copy of Wiping Surfaces Clean

Berkshire Corporation is offering free copies of Wiping Surfaces Clean. Supplies are limited and once they are gone this free promotion will end. Offer only available in the US, Canada and Latin America. Find out: Why wipe? How to wipe? … Read More

When Are Errors To Be Seen as Opportunities for Improvement?

As with much of life, perfecting the implementation of a technique is a matter of trial and error. From the correct perspective,  and, in finding a solution to a problem, the error is prevented from recurring. In this light, mistakes … Read More


How is the FDA Regulating the E-Cigarette Industry?

Way back in the murky distant mists of time, a trip to your primary care physician might include him listening to your heart, giving you a quick tap on knees to test reflexes, a guffaw about your three martini … Read More

How the FDA is wrestling with bio-medical 3D-printing.

In a science-fictional universe way ahead of us in the future, there is no industrial complex as we know it today. No sprawling manufacturing campuses or security-patrolled warehouses crammed with shelved inventory. Everything we use on a day-to-day basis is … Read More

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