April 2016 - Cleanroom News | Berkshire Corporation

Contamination Control News: Examining the Scope of the Problem.

Imagine the scenario: after experiencing weeks of sudden and unexplained pain in your stomach, your doctor – suspecting ulcers – refers you to the hospital for tests. Or perhaps you rush your toddler to the ER after he swallowed part … Read More


Contamination Control News: Do You Dare To Go Bare?

The food processing and healthcare industries are often linked in the media, and in the mind of the general public, for obvious and frequently deeply unpleasant reasons. And when stories break, they’re usually rooted in failures by the former … Read More

ExpoFarma 2016!

Come see us at ExpoFarma!

Pase por The Berkshire Stand en ExpoFarma2016 para aprender acerca de nuestros productos de control de la contaminación y suministros de sala limpia y discutir lo que es la mejor solución para usted … Read More

Contamination Control News: When Honey is Not So Sweet.

In Lithuanian, the noun ‘Medaus’ translates as ‘honey,’ at once a description of nature’s superlative food and a term that’s come to describe something of excellent quality. ‘That’s one honey of a car!’ we might exclaim in admiration of … Read More

New Rules for Compounding Pharmacies in 2016

After a string on contamination issues in compounding pharmacies, the FDA has expanded some of it’s definitions and adopted some changes that seek to improve patient outcomes. One of the biggest changes in 2016 has been adopting a new broader … Read More

The Truth About “LINT-FREE” Wipes

“Lint Free Wipes” is a term that evolved with the semiconductor industry since it’s infancy and is a descriptive way of saying the application requires a low-linting solution. A search on the internet returns a plethora of web related searches … Read More

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